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Filling your gas tank and filling your stomach, are only a couple of the convenient services we provide. All of your vehicle’s time on the road will eventually require you to give it a good washing. But don’t worry, we got you covered. Our innovative Party Wash is the premier car wash experience for any driver and passenger in Plymouth, MN. The sights and the sounds will keep you entertained while we bring back the shine your vehicle had on the lot. What better place to take care of your vehicle’s outside, than the same place where you took care of its inside. Save on extra, unnecessary mileage by handling all your car’s cosmetic and maintenance needs at the same location–16825 County Road 24. Your car will appreciate the refueling and washing.

A Car Wash Like You've Never Seen Before!

It’s not like any other car wash in the world. As the car wash attendant guides you into the tunnel and fully preps your vehicle, the music and lights begin. As you tune into our radio station, the LED fixtures and lasers fill the tunnel and begin to move with the beat of this month’s featured song.

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You and your trusted vehicle depend on each other, and the better you treat it, the better it will treat you. In the midst of completing all the tasks on your daily to-do list, you may find yourself on opposite sides of town. After logging all those extra city miles, your car will eventually need to be refilled and rejuvenated, something like a spa day for your car. Plymouth Station Holiday is here to take care of both you and your car. Energy, in the form of affordable gas and convenience store grocery, can be purchased in one place–16825 County Road 24. Instead of driving from one side of town to get your tank off “E” and your stomach off starving, take care of both needs at our convenient County Road location right here in Plymouth, MN. In addition to refueling your car, we help you refuel your home appliances, as well as exchange your old propane inventory. Our customers use our propane supplies to fuel their home’s heaters, furnaces, grills, and more.

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Liz Nalezny has been quick in responding to our requests and I was impressed by the high quality delivered.

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