Holiday Fuel Service

Today's cars and trucks require cleaner fuels that are less susceptible to fuel-system deposits and corrosion. Holiday gasoline contain Excell Plus, an additive specially formulated to keep your car engine running clean. We know how important detergent additives are for cleaning your entire intake system and minimizing harmful deposits to help your car stay in top operating condition.

We offer fueling assistance.

Special needs customers with fuel allergies or physical limitations please call 763-551-3914 and we will meet you at your vehicle immediately.

  • Plymouth Holiday Station provides quality gasoline and diesel.
  • Plymouth Holiday Station gasoline are thoroughly filtered before ever reaching your tank. We pump over two million gallons of gasoline a day which assures you of a quality gasoline being used in the same season it is refined.
  • Plymouth Holiday Station goes to great lengths to ensure that you consistently receive a quality gasoline product. We routinely monitor our underground storage tanks and we verify the calibration on our gasoline dispensers twice annually in addition to the state agency testing.
  • Plymouth Holiday Station continually upgrades our dispensing equipment. For your convenience, we offer customer friendly pay-at-the-pump terminals. If you are in a hurry just use your Holiday credit card, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Menards Big Card, Wright Express, or Voyager and be on your way!
  • Over 6,500 companies are faithful Holiday Station store customers purchasing over 30 million gallons of fuel annually.

Blue Planet® Gasoline

As a Minnesota based, family-owned company, we are committed to enhancing the quality of life, not only in our home state of Minnesota, but throughout the Upper Midwest. That is why we introduced Blue Planet gasoline, "the clean air choice", to the Twin Cities in September of 1999. Holiday Station stores is the first company in the nation (outside of the California mandate) to introduce this innovative cleaner fuel in all grades of gasoline.

Benefits of Blue Planet® Gasoline

  • Delivers the same performance, power, and miles per gallon.
  • Produces the environmental equivalent of taking 40,000 cars off the road.
  • Ensures cleaner air and a better environment for Minnesota.
  • Recognized by the American Lung Association® of Minnesota as a "Clean Air Choice".

You can depend on Plymouth Holiday Station to offer quality fuel products and to do our part to keep the air clean, the water clear and blue, and the land fertile and productive.

We fill propane tanks!

  • Filling propane save you money vs. exchanging!
  • 20 Pound Tank Regular fill: $24.99 (20 lbs of propane = $1.25 a pound)
  • 20 pound tank "Exchange Rate" Partial Fill: $19.99 (15 lbs of propane = $1.33 a pound)
  • All types of portable tanks are filled here

Refills last longer then tank exchanges. Refills have 20 lbs. Tank exchanges have 15 lbs of propane. REFILL YOUR TANKS and get 34% more propane!